Message from the Center Director


Message from the Center Director

Akihiro IIYAMA

Towards the full, large-scale market penetration of fuel cells

To establish a “Hydrogen Society,” which has been proposed in the 4th Japanese National Energy Basic Strategic Plan*, it is necessary to reduce the cost of fuel cells, as well as to further improve both durability and performance. For this purpose, innovative fuel cell material concepts are being awaited by industry, and therefore, it is necessary to carry out research and development based on basic science.

This Center was established in April 2008, with the great support of Yamanashi Prefecture and related Ministries and agencies, for the purpose of contributing to the actual proliferation of fuel cells. Since then, the Center has been carrying out a NEDO project (the “HiPer-FC” project), in which the analysis of degradation mechanisms, together with research and development of high performance, low cost catalysts, electrolyte membranes and MEAs, have established the basic technology that simultaneously provides high performance, high reliability and low cost for fuel cells.

At present, we are conducting research aimed at creating innovative concepts for durable, high performance, low cost fuel cell materials, such as electrocatalysts, catalyst supports, and electrolyte materials (membrane and binder), with confirmation of their usefulness through catalyst layer evaluation and analysis, so that the targeted material properties will be brought to the utmost level.

We would like to contribute to full, large-scale fuel cell market penetration by promoting the wide utilization of these research results by industry.

Thus, the Center is sincerely working to create innovative, fruitful research achievements, and at the same time, to develop human resources, both researchers and engineers, who can lead the way in this green energy area and cope with the forthcoming Hydrogen Society with full-fledged fuel cell technology, through active participation in graduate education and joint research activities among industry, government and academia, by full utilization of the Center’s capable researchers and world-class facilities.

I do hope for your warm support and guidance.

Akihiro IIYAMA

Director, Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center
University of Yamanashi

* : The 4th Japanese National Energy Basic Strategic Plan »