Organization of Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center

Under the Center Director, there are four research divisions, the Metals Research Division, the Ceramics Research Division, Polymer Research Division and the Research Planning Division. The Administration Office is attached to the Research Planning Division. Including 5 additional faculty who are serving concurrently in the Clean Energy Research Center, which is a sister Center, the number of faculty members is 13. In addition, research is being carried out in close cooperation with domestic and foreign researchers.

Center Director

Center Director, Professor Akihiro Iiyama

Metals Research Division

Manager, Professor Makoto Uchida
Professor Donald A Tryk
Professor Toshihiro Miyao
Assistant Professor Hanako Nishino
Researcher Toshio Iwataki
Researcher Satoko Sato
Researcher Tomio Sugiyama
Researcher Kayoko Tamoto
Researcher Hiroko Yamazaki

Polymer Research Division

Maneger, Professor Kenji Miyatake
Professor Junji Inukai
Researcher Syou Kumada
Researcher Ryugai Sato

Ceramics Research Division

Maneger, Professor Katsuyoshi Kakinuma
Assistant Professor Shi Guyu
Researcher Takayuki Asakawa
Researcher Hironori Osada
Researcher Hitoshi Taniguchi
Researcher Miho Yamaguchi
Researcher Akihito Yamano

Research Planning Division

Manager, Professor Kiyoshi Yoshizumi
Professor Takayuki Urata
Visiting Professor Takeo Kamino
Visiting Professor Tomio Omata
Visiting Professor Kazutoshi Higashiyama
Visiting Professor Shoji Tange
Visiting Professor Osamu Tajima
Visiting Professor Yuji Nagata
Visiting Professor Noboru Hashimoto
Visiting Professor Hidemi Onaka
Visiting Professor Mitsuru Wakisaka
Visiting Professor Yoshihiro Oka
Visiting Professor Masaki Ando
Visiting Associate Professor Hiroshi Yano

Administration Office

Manager Hisashi Norose
Associate Manager Yoshimi Shimada

Concurrent post

Professor Kenji Miyatake  (Clean Energy Research Center)
Professor Junji Inukai  (Clean Energy Research Center)
Professor Shinji Nohara (Faculty of Engineering)
Associate Professor Junpei Miyake  (Clean Energy Research Center)
Associate Professor Akiyoshi Kuzume  (Clean Energy Research Center)

Researchers from various countries (visiting professors, etc.)

Manager(concurrently) Akihiro Iiyama
Professor, Senior Adviser Masahiro Watanabe
Assistant Professor Yuya Inagaki
Assistant Yasumasa Nakajima