The 2nd International Fuel Cell Summer Seminar in Koumi, Nagano, Japan

November 09, 2011

Following the lab tour of Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, University of Yamanashi and the test ride of fuel cell vehicles,.the 2nd International Fuel Cell Summer Seminar was held August 27-September 1 at Koumi RE-EX Hotel, Nagano, Japan, for the benefit of young scientists in the field of fuel cell research. Approximately 80 researchers from Japan, USA, European and Asian countries attended. Lectures were given on electrocatalysis, polymer electrolyte membranes, membrane-electrode assemblies, fuel cell vehicles, by six invited speakers highly active in the fuel cell researches. Poster presentations were given by students and young researchers, who participated in group discussions. Throughout the seminar, the participants discussed, exchanged ideas, and built new friendships and future research connections.

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