Prof. Katsuyoshi Kakinuma received the FCDIC Academic Award 

June 01, 2023

May 25, 2023 (Thursday) Prof. Katsuyoshi Kakinuma won the 2023 Fuel Cell Development Information Center (FCDIC) Academic Award. The award was established in 2016 as part of the Center’s 30th anniversary commemorative project accompanied with four awards: Industrial Contribution Award, Academic Award, Encouragement Award, and Special Achievement Award. This award is given to researchers who have contributed to the progress and development of science and technology related to fuel cells. His award title is “The Development and Evaluation of Highly Durable and Active Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cells.” He has succeeded in developing a new catalyst for water electrolysis and fuel cells that achieves both high activity and high durability. Industry is also looking forward to this technology, because it is related to electrocatalysts that are expected to utilize nonprecious metals, or much decreased amounts of precious metals, in water electrolyzers and heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles. Professor Kakinuma said, “I am truly honored to have been recognized for achieving both activity and durability with a unique design concept for electrochemical catalysts for water electrolysis and fuel cells. We aim to further develop fuel cells and seek to constantly improve our research.” 

President of FCDIC: Prof, Kenichiro Ota        Prof, Katsuyoshi Kakinuma