The 5th International Fuel Cell Workshop 2009 was successfully held

October 06, 2009

The 5th International Fuel Cell Workshop 2009 was held on Sunday, August
23 and Monday, August 24 at the Kofu Fujiya Hotel.

Opening remarks were presented by M. Watanabe (Workshop Chairman,
University of Yamanashi) and S. Maeda (President, University of
Yamanashi), and then congratulatory speeches were made by H.Aki (Deputy
Director, Hydrogen and FC Promotion Office, METI) and S. Yokouchi
(Governor, Yamanashi Prefecture).

Starting with the keynote lecture of S. Miyata (NEDO), oral and poster
presentations of the latest research on fuel cells followed.

Toyota, Nissan and Honda held an exhibition of fuel cell-powered
electric vehicles, which included test driving. In addition, an
exhibition was held of fuel cells for residential applications, as well
as portable and micro-fuel cells.

About 200 people, including many attendees from abroad, took part in
animated discussions.

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